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Artwork by Melissa Stephens was on the poster and press releases for the first Hope Lives: Art for ALS exhibition.

Melissa Stephens created the first Hope Lives: Art for ALS exhibition in May 2022. After learning about Lynn Giovannelli's ALS diagnosis in July 2020, she wanted to do something to help her sister and honor her ALS journey. The idea came to her while visiting Lynn and her family in 2021. Being an artist, Melissa leaned into her craft by creating an art exhibition that donates to ALS research providers and educates people about what ALS is and what they can do to help.

It started with Melissa inviting 12 artists to exhibit their art and promise to donate a portion of their sales to further ALS research. The exhibition featured artwork by: Julie Armstrong, Paula Boas, Pam Borrelli, Janice Coddington Rombaugh, Mort Cohn, Judith Feins, Kathleen Gadway, Barbara Jacobs, Lisa McEllroy, Nancy Roberts, Regina Quinn, Leslie Shafton & Melissa Stephens.

Several events were held during the exhibition including a(n): gallery opening reception, artist's talk, wine tasting, raffle drawing and ALS Education Day. 


This is a small sample of the artwork from the 2022 Hope Lives: Art for ALS exhibition. It includes collage, acrylic paintings, encaustic paintings, oil paintings, mixed media and ceramic sculpture. If you are interested in any of the artwork or would like more information about the artists, click on the image that interests you. Each image is linked to the individual artist's website or instagram page.


Melissa's sisters, Lynn and Susanne, traveled from Minnesota to speak with visitors during ALS Education Day. Thanks to the ALS Association, Golden West Chapter, this event was an in-person and virtual/Zoom event, which included visitors with ALS from Northern California and Hawaii.

Hanging alongside the exhibit were 6 original mandalas for guests to color and creatively participate in the show. These mandalas continue to give because Melissa incorporates them in her art for future raffle items.

Three sisters sitting pretty at the first Hope Lives: Art for ALS exhibition. Lynn was 2 years into her ALS diagnosis, and still able to stand and walk her walker.
Artists discussing the exhibition at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery. Barbara Jacobs acrylic painting was quite popular.
Everyone was invited to participate in the mandala coloring project.
Visitors viewing the artwork at Hope Lives: Art for ALS 2022. Another guest participated in the mandala coloring project that hung beside the artwork.


Lloyd Davis, from Corner 103 Wines, introduced viewers to his delicious wines and wine experiences in Sonoma. He walked people through his signature tasting techniques. While visitors enjoyed sipping Corner 103 wines, artist's shared information about their artwork, art tools, media and inspiration for the exhibition.

Hope Lives: Art for ALS exhibitions are open each May at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery (SFWA) on Irving Street & 8th Ave. One block from Golden Gate Park, SFWA is committed to a core belief in the transformative power of art. The Gallery showcases emerging and established Bay Area artists and artisans.

Lloyd Davis served his award winning wines to gallery guests.

Please help us thank the people, organizations and businesses that helped to make the 2022 Hope Lives: Art for ALS a success.

Janice Rombaugh-Coddington, the Gallery Manager, gave a short speech about the exhibition.
Visitors of all ages are welcome at Hope Lives: Art for ALS at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery.
Artwork descriptions help the viewer gain more information about what they are seeing.
A visitor and his young child marvel at an acrylic landscape by Julie Armstrong.
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